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Seniors Leavenworth Trip

SGCS Seniors group is planning to go to Leavenworth on Saturday, February 18th, 2023.

Please see details below:

  • Leaving at 12pm from Udipi Cafe Bellevue.

  • Approximate time to reach Leavenworth is 3-3:30pm, depending on traffic

  • Leaving Leavenworth by 6pm

  • We will have dinner at Pizza place.

  • Back by 8-8:30pm at Udipi Cafe.

  • Per person $45 (Includes Tea, snacks and dinner). LUNCH is NOT included.

Whoever wants to join please bring $25 ( NON REFUNDABLE) deposit on 21st January meeting.

This trip is not limited to seniors if any family members/ grandchildren wants to join they can come.

Kids charges age 5-12 is $25.

For any questions please call Rohiniben Trivedi on (425) 750-9482

Any donation made below will go as general donation to SGCS and will not be refunded.

Not meant to purchase any event ticket(s).


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